A Homemakers Guide to Loving Yourself

A Homemakers Guide to Loving Yourself - self helpadvice from www.ummishouse.com

This post was originally titled A Wife’s Guide to Loving Her Husband. It probably would have gone something like this: Make sure he has clean underwear. Cook him breakfast. Buy his favorite snacks. Don’t burn his dinner. Don’t drool on his pillow. Yeah, see how the day of loving your husband kind of got more bitter toward the end, filled with lots of don’t do’s. That’s because toward the end of most days us homemakers start to burnout a little bit. Whether you are at home all day or in


Seeking Nearness to Allah – Attributes of the Righteous Wife

Seeking Nearness to Allah - text from "Attributes of the Righteous Wife". www.ummishouse.com

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem Seeking nearness to Allah brings about his good pleasure and reward. “She must also realize that by her falling short in adhering to those etiquette’s and attributes, it will cause her to miss out on obtaining Allah’s good pleasure and reward, according to how much she falls short in adherence.” Notes taken from “Attributes of the Righteous Wife” by Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Ibn Abdul Muhsin Al-Abbaad You can purchase a copy of the book on Amazon.com (affiliate link) Two Routes of Seeking Nearness to Allah: Allah’s facilitation (you must ask


Moist Banana Bread Recipe

You'll love this #moist #bananabread #recipe! It's made with whole wheat flour and oatmeal, you'd never know. www.UmmisHouse.com

My family loves their snacks and will eat up a loaf of this moist banana bread before it even has a chance to cool off. As written this recipe will yield you 2 loaves or 24 muffins. To compensate for how fast my family of 5 gobbles down sweets I usually double this recipe and its still gone in the same week. Money Saving Tip: Check the produce clearance rack for bananas. This is where all the bruised or spotted bananas get put out to pasture. You can even buy them ahead of