Lunch Table – Linky Party: Mallo Cups, Crochet Hooks, and Stitch Markers

lunch table 2.24I had lots of firsts this weekend, which is rare because my weekends are usually spent running errands like grocery shopping, laundry, and post office trips. I ate a Mallo Cup, bought polymer clay, made my own crochet hook handle, made clay beads, and made some crochet stitch markers. This was a fun weekend!!

AC Moore had Sculpey III polymer clay on sale for $1, so that was one of my first stops because I wanted to try my hand at making a clay crochet handles for my hooks. While we were there my mom spotted a candy that she recognized from childhood called Mallo Cups. They look just like peanut butter cups, but the flavor is totally different and will make your tongue do a happy dance for days! I’ll be on the hunt for a Mallo Cup ever time I visit AC Moore from now on!

Mallo Cups are made of milk chocolate with coconut mixed in and a whipped cream center, they’re made by the Boyer Candy Company and also come in a dark chocolate variety. If you ‘d like to purchase a Mallow Cup for yourself you can find them on Amazon, Boyer Candy Company Mallo Cups, 1.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 24). If you’re on a path of health and ingredient consciousness I found this great recipe to make your own Homemade Mallow Cups at How Sweet Treats.

polymer clay handle 2Okay that was my fun food experience, now lets get to the crafting fun. I’ve always loved crochet hooks with handles on them because they’re much easier on my hands and wrists. I just never knew how cute they could be! All you need is a little polymer clay and you can turn your drab plain crochet hook into something that reflects your personal tastes and will strike up a conversation anywhere you go!

After watching a couple youtube videos on the topic and looking at some pictures online, I was ready to tackle this project. I bought some polymer clay and practiced on one of my duplicate hooks. The whole process is much easier than I first imagined and allows me to make the handle exactly to my liking. You could even shape the handle to match the mold of your hand. I bought the Sculpey III Polymer Clay 2 Oz. because it was on sale, but any clay that can be baked will work.

polymer clay handle

So for my first time, I don’t think it’s half bad. I tried marbling the purple and white together, I can definitely see where improvements can be made. I used some of the marbled clay to make beads for matching stitch markers, which have been a new obsession of mine.

crochet stitch markers

I’m quite happy with my wire bending. Not enough that I can call it a technique, but more like beginner’s mercy. I did buy some glaze to put over the clay, but I haven’t found the time to get that part of the process done. Within the next week or so you can expect a tutorial on both the clay handle and stitch markers. They are really super easy to do and you have total artistic freedom!

I almost completely forgot about the stitch markers that my mom and I made together while she was teaching me how to bend the wire. They both came out super cute, but the black onyx is my favorite.

crochet stitch markers 1

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4 thoughts on “Lunch Table – Linky Party: Mallo Cups, Crochet Hooks, and Stitch Markers”

  1. Sakeenah says:

    I love the handle you made and the stitch markers! Nice job. It seems pretty easy to bling out your hooks. Maybe I will try this on some skinny hooks. Pinning for later.

    1. UmmAyana says:

      Yes blinging your hook can be lots of fun and it’s super easy to accomplish.

  2. Mom says:

    Yes I love the lunchtable linky also. I just have to remember to check in at lunch time. Anyway I had bacon lettuce wraps for lunch (2 of them) and chocolate chip cookies. My granddaughter left her homemade cookie dough so I popped a couple in the oven as I prepared my wrap… LOVED LUNCH! What is a lunch table without the admiring of at least one persons lunch.

    You really did an awesome job on those beads and the crochet hook. I am trying to think of what handles I need you to make for me. I’ll get back to you on that. Are we meeting for lunch every Monday?

    Keep those creative juices flowing and continue to inspire all. Well I guess it is time for me to get back to work… Until next time.

    1. UmmAyana says:

      Thanks mom! Your comment was super sweet and greatly appreciated. Yes, please check back next Monday for more lunch table news.

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