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My First Socks – A Toe Up Socks Recipe

I can't believe that I finished knitting my first socks. Well actually these are like my 4th pair of socks, but the first pair that fit like a glove, I mean like a sock. It has really been a wonderfully addictive experience. I've never enjoyed knitting anything as much as a sock. All of my major fit issues came from a lack of care when checking my gauge. It's just something that I've never had to care for because I've never knit a garment that was expected to actually fit. After much trial and error I ended up with a size 000 US knitting needle and fingering weight sock yarn. Why don't people say it fits like a sock instead of it … [Keep Reading]

Sewer's toolkit

Basic Sewing Tools For Beginners

Once you've chosen a sewing machine that fits your needs, you will quickly realize that every sewist needs a toolkit. Basic sewing tools are essential to give you the best experience possible. Good tools will help ease you into becoming the best sewist that you can be with the least amount of frustration possible. Sewing tools are referred to as notions. Every fabric store has a notions section, albeit some large and some small they'll have it. In the notions section of a fabric store you can find all things from scissors to buttons. Of course finding a sewing machine is numero uno, but having your toolkit near by will help transition you … [Keep Reading]

Match your craft and add these knit converse sneakers to your wardrobe. Pick your favorite color and style and up your street cred instantly.

Match Your Craft – Knit Converse Sneakers

These knitted converse sneakers are awesome! It's not just a printed fabric, the actual texture is that of a knitted item, which makes them double awesome. I need these in my closet and on my feet. Buy Your Knit Converse Sneakers Today! You can choose your favorite color/style and order on or clicking one of the pictures above. If you're more of the type that likes to show off your obsession with knitting socks don't fret. There's a Converse shoe just for you too! Clear Converse - Show Off Those Socks In enters the clear Converse... These apparently aren't being made anymore, but you can find some listed on eBay, … [Keep Reading]

Are You Crafty- feature

Are You Crafty?

I often asky myself this very question... Are you crafty? To remind myself I like to look up the word CRAFT as a refresher. This is only because I always thought of myself as a non-crafty person. I couldn't draw, sing, paint, or any of the cool stuff that I saw other people doing. Even now there are lots of things I like to do that I think are not all that crafty. Knowing the definition of a word can be a powerful thing. Craft /kraft/ noun noun: craft; plural noun: crafts 1. an activity involving skill in making things by hand. "the craft of bookbinding" synonyms: activity, occupation, profession, work, line of … [Keep Reading]

sock project bag

Project Bag For Knitting TAAT Socks

I've been a sock knitting maniac for the past couple of weeks. My new interest in sock knitting also brought about the need for a smaller project bag, you know just right for an awesome pair of hand knit socks. My first thought is always to DIY, so this wasn't any different. I needed some inspiration so I did a google image search for sock knitting project bags. Specifically bags that would keep two balls of yarn separate when knitting socks two at a time. I ended up on Craftsy and found Sock Sack in 3 sizes, a pattern by Ramona Rose. The three sizes are sock, scarf, and sweater. The pattern is lovely and features a photo for … [Keep Reading]